Business Automation

Being the first private sector Bank of the country, your Bank has prided itself in the quality of the banking services it provides by taking conscious decision to employ the best available banking technology to serve the customers which now stands over 200,000 in all. Core Banking System Kapiti was employed along side the manual banking operations ever since 1984. Later on in the year 2004, Misys core banking solution was selected for implementation to take AB in to super highway of real time online banking of today. Beginning, 2005 Misys implementation was taken-up and in the 1st Phase seven (7) Branches were upgraded to the new core banking system.

For the year 2006, in line with the growth strategy, service quality improvement and availability were put into focus whereupon coverage of remaining Branches under Misys became all the more important. Bank took up a massive Project of migration, connectivity and standardization of processes and hardware throughout. A CORE TEAM was formed. The theme was YES WE CAN. We made it possible.

Rolled Out Branches

Software products from Misys PLC Core Banking Software: Equation Banking System
Misys Equation is a fully integrated, real-time, multi-currency retail banking solution that helps organisations deliver competitive products and excellent service to customers. It supports consumer and corporate banking as well as treasury operations on a single platform.

Front End Software: Equation Branch Automation
Equation Branch Automation is designed to support customer-facing staff within a retail branch banking environment. The Equation Branch Automation system is already tightly integrated with the Equation core banking server, and provides ready-to-run functionality to support cashiers, personal bankers and relationship managers.

Equation Branch Automation allows online, real-time transaction processing for the Equation Banking Server, with immediate access to account and transaction information and verification of availability of funds.

Reporting software: WebForm
Webform applies the latest web-based technology to the Equation banking system. Reports are automatically captured and delivered to users as web pages over the bank’s internal network, removing the need to print and distribute paper versions of reports. Report data is available as web pages, as Excel spreadsheets, and for analysis using multi-dimensional PivotTables. Reports can also be distributed automatically as emails, enabling people who do not have direct access to the system to be kept informed with the latest data.

Webform will capture existing reports, run and deliver user-defined reports, and provide an enquiry system for any previous business date, making it an invaluable management-reporting tool. Using the PivotTables built from Equation reports and associated databases, users can filter and manipulate the data to isolate key elements of information for analysis purposes. Once they have generated the required view of the data, users can drill down to see details of the underlying accounts.

Software products from Misys PLC Trade Finance Software: Trade Innovation
TI has been designed with advanced workflow management to streamline the entire transaction lifecycle and the overall workflow of the trade finance operation. TI allows the bank to define service level agreements (SLAs) for each customer. The bank can apply either customer groupings (e.g. gold, silver, bronze) or bi-lateral agreements for individual environment.

The factoring capability in TI is optimised for trade receivables financing available. Finance is calculated on the agreed, discounted total of eligible receivables available on any one day. Drawings are processed at the express request of the customer.

Internet Banking Software: Integrated Financial Module
Equation IFM offers powerful features for business customers. Customers can administer their own user communities, with different levels of access to customer and account information and transactions. Each user can have a pre-defined authorisation limit, simplifying control and reducing risk.

Software products from Avanza Solutions

AB Bank has been investing heavily in Electronic Banking infrastructure projects keeping in mind the consumer and client perspective. Two such initiatives that AB Bank has taken is the implementation of the National Electronic Funds Network (BEFTN) and Financial Middleware (Rendezvous). AB Bank has joined hands with Avanza Solutions for the implementation of these projects.

Products selected by AB Bank from Avanza Solutions offering:

  1. BEFTN - Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network
  2. Financial Middleware - Rendezvous
BEFTN - Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network

The Need:

Central Bank of Bangladesh had made it mandatory for all banks operating in Bangladesh to get integrated with it’s BEFTN. BEFTN is the electronic funds transfer network governed by the Bangladesh Bank to facilitate electronic funds transfer between participating banks.

The Solution:

As per the BEFTN operating rules document, the party which is initiating EFT is referred to as the Originator while the other party is referred to as Receiver. Originator and Receiver both participate in BEFTN via their respective banks and are called Originator Bank or Receiving Bank. Participant Bank Module (PBM) comprises of the following components.

Name Function
Transaction Interface It is used for creating EFT entries and files by bank staff
File Sharing Component It provides a platform for sending and receiving files with BEFTN
Transaction Processing Component It processes the transactions present in file received from BEFTN

Pictorial depiction of how PBM (AB Bank) will be integrated with BEFTN


  • AB Bank now capable to do Inward EFT and Outward EFT through import and export files
  • Integration is done with PBM software supplied by Central Bank
  • Integration with the Core Banking System is done
  • Integration with Middleware – Rendezvous is also done
The application serves as a clearing system between banks.

Rendezvous – Financial Middleware

The Need:
AB Bank wanted to deploy a scalable and flexible solution for their eBanking services which could help them in providing seamless integration with all existing backend (Core Banking System) and front end delivery channels (ATM, POS, Internet Banking, SMS Banking, Kiosk etc.).  AB Bank wanted a solution which could make them capable to introduce unlimited number of ADC – Alternate Delivery Channels without making any significant changes on their Core Banking & ATM Switch.

The Solution:
Financial middleware is the core and integral unit of any eBanking infrastructure and the success or failure of a bank’s eBanking initiatives depends highly on the performance of this unit as the middleware needs to be reliable, flexible, scalable & secure. Reliability reflects on the service quality as the system should provide maximum uptime, security is required because of the financial nature of the solution. Moreover, the transactions need to be secured alongside the solution being highly scalable & flexible to handle the transaction load as new front end delivery channels integrate. Avanza’s Rendezvous does just that! Rendezvous is a switching middleware that ensures all transactions are executed from all the sources in a uniform, secure, reliable and efficient manner.

AB Bank has a centralized middleware –Rendezvous implemented at AB Bank, integrates it’s back end systems for end to end processing, integrates with their ATM Switch for providing acquiring and issuing features, integrates with POS switch for providing acquiring features on POS and integrates with AB Bank’s Internet and SMS Banking. Standard message formats and transaction sets will be hosted at the middleware and routing logic is handled using business rules.

Architecture of the proposed solution by Avanza Solutions to AB Bank

AB Bank uses ASPIRE from Avanza Solutions ( which was custom-tailored to our need for integrating with Bangladesh Bank's BEFTN (Bangladesh Electronic Funds Transfer Network). During the BEFTN test runs, AB Bank was the only bank to pass the tests completely - thanks to the dedication and expertise of Avanza resources. Currently the bank is handling both Inward and Outward EFT with confidence using ASPIRE which is connected to our core banking system through a financial middleware, Rendezvous, again from Avanza Solutions.