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Please help us to serve you best.

AB Bank Limited is committed to providing you with the highest standard of services to meet your needs. You may wish to compliment us, offer suggestions or make a complaint. Please let us know what we do that is of benefit to you, what we could do better, or perhaps differently.

Any issue brought to our attention will be treated in a confidential manner, and discussed only with the people who need to be involved. You can provide feedback or take support by calling our customer service at:



Central Customer Services & Complaint Management Cell (

Complaints can also be made via this webpage or alternatively you might like to speak to member of our "Customer Services & Complaint Management Cell" directly through any of the following contacts below:

Central Customer Services & Complaint Management Cell
Branch Customer Service and Complaint Management Cell

If you're not happy we're not happy.
AB recognizes the right of the customer to complain when feeling dissatisfied with the service of the bank. We undertake, wherever possible, to resolve complaints and to prevent similar complaints from occurring.

The policy objective is to provide procedures to control the processing of complaints as way of improving services to our customers, and enhance the public image of the Bank, ensuring that requests are acknowledged courteously and investigated efficiently and effectively.

Steps you can take
There are some steps you can take which will help us to help you:

Act quickly:
Please tell us about any issue as soon as possible. The longer you wait the less clear the facts can become and harder it can be to find out solution.

Make it Clear:
Set out the order in which things happened, preferably with dates and descriptions of the incidents, phone calls, letters or meetings, and let us know what action you would like us to take

Tackle the problem, not the person:
Please remember that what you are concerned about may have been a mistake or an oversight, which would not normally happen.

Please provide your contact details so we can respond to your complain:
Full Name
Account No - -
Organization (If any):
Do you wish to be identified to the people involved?:
If you are not the person affected by the issue please provide a brief explanation of your relationship to the person who is affected:
Please provide contact details for person affected by the issue incase we need to confirm the details of the complain:
If the issue has been raised before please indicate when, whom you dealt with about it and why you wish to raise it again. If it hasn’t been raised before please tell us what has happened, when and where it happened and who was involved:
You may wish to provide additional information relevant to this complain. Please state what you would like to see happen as a result of raising the issue: